TEN [some thoughts on my upcoming tenth release]

My Tenth release is being recorded at Scabbey Road,,home of the hits.

The other day I stopped and thought about the implications of this large and small, and tried not to become self conscious of a growing body of work…


New Music 2017

A Plethora of new music is being recorded at Arthur's Scabbey Road Studio. These recordings cover a wide range of ideas and depending on how things go may be released as either one full length album,or a couple of different…


Recording "The Emperor's New Sound"

There were a series of firsts for "The Emperor's New Sound" EP.

This is the first time I have released a full digital recording.

Sure I've been using digital since it's inception but not quite in this way.

The technology…


2 new EP's on the way

Ever prolific Arthur's up to recording a great deal of new music.An Experimental EP for treated Piano,

as well as a five song EP of songs.Check for forthcoming blog entries about both.


New Video "All Dressed In Plastic"    

Here it is, My Directorial debut.

Arthur Nasson presents,,The Video "All Dressed In Plastic"  


Analog Vs. Digital Recording

Ok,I have recieved various emails,comments,thoughts about Analog vs. Digital Recording and while I lay no claim to any expertise, I feel compelled to write further on the subject. I have nothing inherently against Digital Recording,Hey some of my best friends…