TEN [some thoughts on my upcoming tenth release]

My Tenth release is being recorded at Scabbey Road,,home of the hits.

The other day I stopped and thought about the implications of this large and small, and tried not to become self conscious of a growing body of work and it's scope. It seemed to me that this is a pivotal moment,where at worst,one can break down into a place of, repetition,childish folly, blithe indifference, squirrelly nut gathering, and squalid reflection. Of course I bring you none of that.

Admittedly there was this sense within me that change sometimes happens when we are not looking straight at it.That change can some how be about personal progression, or maybe  a product of other activities. We all go on our respective journey's through this life and whether we decide to distract ourselves from the overarching sense of existence or glare at it unrelentingly like a second grader in a staring contest. This stuff happens, and like most things it's all about how we respond to it.

The new stuff seems to deal with many subjects musical and lyrical that not only look forward but look back.No,I'm not having some sort of "Proustian" moment, more of a trying to interact with the arc of life and how it's stages shape our interactions with it.

There is also an ongoing sense of abandoning straight narratives in favor of painterly images.

The music seems to be in various ways,inhabiting these three different types of spaces.

1. where structure and the expectations of classic form find it's place in society.Be a good boy ,draw us a dog and a pony.

2.Where characters and their silly stuff get enveloped, incongruously into a place where art mocks fashion, and man unwittingly derides man in an attempt to create a nonexistent pecking order of futility.

3.where there is no center to grab hold of, where there is a floating universe of unexplainable stuff where the universe defines man,rathervthan man attempting to inflict childish definitions on the universe.

Not really sure how this will get released.I may form three artistic ghetto's for each, or have them be one or two releases that represent what some might say exemplifies a cohesive sense of things. I never really cared about that, or want to continually push the possibilities of it.

Of course there is so much more to this than these three sign posts,but humans secretly desire some sort of organizing of things in an attempt to pretend they possess some greater understanding. See I just did it.