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VH1 India 

"I've Got A Flanger In My Heart" video just released,among the early champions are VH1 India,NME,NY Rocks,Sound Chamber,among many more.

YouTube Channel 

Given the attention for the music videos I am adding more videos over time.To Check out and subscribe to my Channel click on the link

Star of the small screen? 

Learning Video has been quite an adventure. The video's on the home page are now appearing on Television in more than a dozen countries.[Across the US,CA,UK,Much of Europe,Netherlands,South Africa,among many others.Major Magazines like NME in the UK. With more on the way. 

New Video "All Dressed In Plastic" 

Arthur Nasson "All Dressed In Plastic" Well,,Here it is  The latest video marking Arthur's Directorial debut. Enjoy!

I oughta be in pictures? 

Given the response to the video,Features in Blurt Magazine,Yahoo News,MTV,among many others. There are now more videos in the works. It's fun learning a new medium,by delving into camera work,editing,effects,and more.Check back for updates and to see them.