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Whack Mythology Basement Glitter ,credits recording methods background 


So I’m known in some music circles around the planet for playing all of the instruments on my recordings. Singing,Songwriting, Performing all kinds of things, making strange sounds,

Producing and so on.

Ego,,sure I’ve got enough to overthrow a government and two religions before lunch time.

But it didn’t exactly start that way.

Most of this came about from frustration. 

I thought there would be a band and producer and all that stuff.

Maybe the bands weren’t on the same page. Or even in the same…

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8 Commandments of Home Recording [an article I wrote]

Armed with his instruments, a lap top, a four channel interface, and a few microphones, our hero chronicles his journey through the rugged terrain of home recording, complete with cheesed off neighbors, prying ears, ongoing construction noise, visits from the local authorities, and more. Will he finish this record in the face of overwhelming adversity? 

originally published by New York City Based Magazine Sonic Scoop.

TEN [some thoughts on my upcoming tenth release] 

My Tenth release is being recorded at Scabbey Road,,home of the hits.

The other day I stopped and thought about the implications of this large and small, and tried not to become self conscious of a growing body of work and it's scope. It seemed to me that this is a pivotal moment,where at worst,one can break down into a place of, repetition,childish folly, blithe indifference, squirrelly nut gathering, and squalid reflection. Of course I bring you none of that.

Admittedly there was this sense within me…

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New Music 2017 

A Plethora of new music is being recorded at Arthur's Scabbey Road Studio. These recordings cover a wide range of ideas and depending on how things go may be released as either one full length album,or a couple of different EP's. Scabby Road is now running Apple's Logic primarily. More blog entries and perhaps photo's of sessions will be forthcoming.

Recording "The Emperor's New Sound" 

There were a series of firsts for "The Emperor's New Sound" EP.

This is the first time I have released a full digital recording.

Sure I've been using digital since it's inception but not quite in this way.

The technology has improved dramatically over time and for a plethora of reasons it made sense to embrace modernity. The boy's and I pulled into Replacements Guitarist David Minehan's Woolly Mammoth Studios in picturesque Waltham Ma.The studio is in an old factory building and looks like a loft space…

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2 new EP's on the way 

Ever prolific Arthur's up to recording a great deal of new music.An Experimental EP for treated Piano,

as well as a five song EP of songs.Check for forthcoming blog entries about both.

New Video "All Dressed In Plastic"    

Here it is, My Directorial debut.

Arthur Nasson presents,,The Video "All Dressed In Plastic"  

Analog Vs. Digital Recording 

Ok,I have recieved various emails,comments,thoughts about Analog vs. Digital Recording and while I lay no claim to any expertise, I feel compelled to write further on the subject. I have nothing inherently against Digital Recording,Hey some of my best friends like digital recording! The real crux of this issue for me is how it sounds.I am not averse to technological advances in any way,in fact I welcome them.So,,, Let's go back,I was one of the first kids to jump into the digital pool with the belief that…

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