Recording "The Emperor's New Sound"

There were a series of firsts for "The Emperor's New Sound" EP.

This is the first time I have released a full digital recording.

Sure I've been using digital since it's inception but not quite in this way.

The technology has improved dramatically over time and for a plethora of reasons it made sense to embrace modernity. The boy's and I pulled into Replacements Guitarist David Minehan's Woolly Mammoth Studios in picturesque Waltham Ma.The studio is in an old factory building and looks like a loft space that has been redesigned with different spaces serving individual functions.This was our first time recording in this room,as well the first time of having a studio with a real dedicated drum room,not just some crappy little booth that makes drums sound small and dead. The studio is unusual in that more often than not people just set up a large space and some small isolation booths.It was great to have this level of sonic separation while tracking basics. Also haven't used a 7 foot grand Piano on a record in a while either,usually relying on uprights or smaller grands. Graham drums through out the EP but also made his debut on Hammond B3 organ on the aptly titled "Graham's Gentlemen's Club". Colin added all kinds of Robot Voices,Theremin,Altered Guitars and spoken word to the project. This is off to a great start getting front pages of several magazines,and even a top ten so far nod. more news soon.