Mix down and Mastering

Mixing this was fun there were so many strong elements that at times it was hard to choose what to feature. Benny and I mixed this,he was a good sport about being pulled into odd directions,and added a few unusual aspects of his own. I have this overwhelming desire to not be rearranging the same furniture in the same room.There were backing vocals that were modulated and treated to a point where they sounded nothing like a human voice. Theremin solo's that morphed into guitar solo's and back again. Percussion that became unrecognizable as such,and took on different forms through out the pieces.Among just a few of the fun things we did with the sounds of this album. This approach of expanding boundaries and trying for new things is to some degree in all of my albums.Mixes were done on schedual November 1,2,and3. Mastering was done on November 6th at Jeff Lipton's Peerless Mastering.I can't say enough about Jeff,he is extraordinarily talented and an amazing person.He has Mastered five of my albums. I am thrilled with every aspect of this album,it should be out in early 2012.