Hello, There are two new Arthur Nasson Recordings available. The listen buttons on ArthurNasson.com and Philistine Records.com will be links to a gallery where you can hear samples of all Arthur Nasson recordings to date. "The Battle Of Melrose Street" a dizzying array of songs,styles,humor, instrumentals,blistering guitar,jazz/rock piano and more. Track list. 1.Postcard From A Never Ending Day 2.Rat Boy's Theme 3.Memory Girls 4.Almost Suburbia 5.E=MC Cha-Cha-Cha 6.Asshole Wagon 7.Jeannie Dont Dance 8.Monkey With A Mannequin Hand 9.Cubist Funk 10.Eviciton Jazz "Static Orange Box" a decidedly different collection of recordings where, Experimentation,Film Music,Soundscaping,Synthesis,"Out Jazz",Uuterspace and Jackhammers collide for a totally unique listening experience. Check digital sites like itunes and rhapsody as well.

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