Dashing, Singer-SongWriter, Multi-instrumentalist and all around musical super-hero Arthur Nasson, saves the universe from pointless corporate swill. With his x-ray vision and the strength of two waitresses, Arthur wrestles away the Music Industry from the clutches of Evil record executives bent on brainwashing the planet with tasteless mall culture derivitaves,in an attempt to create the ultimate race of zombie consumers. Here's how to save yourself and your friends and loved ones. Magnetically encoded in Arthur's recordings are the DNA altering antidotes to these [dumbviolentthrashitis,kidsploitation, blaxploitation, tackydiscodivitis, and wankersdisorder.] as well as many other manifestations of this evil plot. Use it wisely and by no means let it fall into the wrong hands..... Stay tuned for future instructions, concerts/appearances, releases, secret meetings and more.......]

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