Studio Log for album#7 part 2

September 26 and  27th

Ok ,,Monday was schedualed as a half day ,nonetheless very productive,guitar tracks,stacks of backing vocals,keyboards and more moving along smoothly.

Tuesday was a full day all lead vocals are finished,more backing vocals,we stayed with my AKG 414 for vocals, then several organ tracks,Mellotron,Percussion,theremin,many Guitar tracks,some through my  small  Vox and Fender amps. Then Benny brought out the big guns, a Marshall cabinet with a top by a German company called Deizel. I had never heard of Deizel, we put the amp in an isolation booth and turned the rig up so loud the entire room started to hum.What a sound! It was hilarious the amount of noise it generated so I started to stand in different areas of the control room to try and minimize this,it made little difference.The tracks sounded great it became apparent we would have to edit the noise out later. Some guitar sounds got over dubbed with this set up to mix with some of the previous tracks. By the end of the session,the majority of the album is complete, there is one more session on October 23rd,if we finish then, we begin to mix. We booked the Mix dates anyway feeling confident enough that we have the time needed. So we mix Novemeber 1,2,and 3. more soon,,