Studio Log Part 3 home recording,and a NYC show

Well of course it wouldnt be an Arthur Nasson production without some home recorded tracks,or sonic excursions thrown in. The album will have 13 tracks as of this writing ,10 tracks done at Mad Oak Studios in Allston 'Rock City' with Benny Grotto Engineering,and 3 cuts done at my home studio Scabbey Road. The freedom of home recording has made the entire process of recording so enjoyable,as well as making it possible to create a larger body of work,without the costs and constrictions of studio recording. I also have learned more about recording at home than in any other forum.Ok,, So Colin and Graham got onto garageband and recorded the sound effects for a ytack called "Robot Trouble" a darting romp of an electronics piece. There will be a synthesizer track that will follow a song that is largely surreal in nature called "From A Window On A Train". The previously mentioned[last post] Piano and Voice piece [untitled still] where I tracked 22 tracks of vocals onto 7 tracks of my  8 track will be mixed at home but Benny gets a shot at it,so there may be a Tascam 488Mk2  8 track sitting on top of a 70's Tweed Console.The Tweed console was where the engineers at Neve took a shot at their own designs and tried to out do Rupert Neve and his legendary consoles. Having now worked with both consoles they each have their own charm and extraordinary sonic characteristics. On another note,,  I will sneak in a show in NYC just before mixing the album. October 26th 7;30 at the Sidewalk Cafe 94 Avenue A at 6th Street. Then time to Mix album #7