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Elmore Magazine Features The New Release "The Emperor's New Sound" 

KEXP BLog Features The Emperor's New Sound!

Pitchfork Magazine names "The Emperor's New Sound" among the new and notable release for Spring 2015

Magnet Magazine does a Front Page Feature of the  "The Emperor's New Sound"

Legendary UK Music Magazine NME picks up the "Watch Your Back Now" video!

1001 Records for Music Lovers Named 'West Cambridge Cowboys' one of the Years Best Albums.

Arthur Nasson Video For "All Dressed In Plastic" Picked up By England's NME Magazine

MTV picks up the video for "She Was Never Really There" in the U.S. and Canada.

"Highly Recommended Listening"


Nasson is an exceptionally talented bloke, every single track is brilliant. "Only Rain" is a beautiful Piano/Vocal piece that on it's own in a perfect world should push Nasson to instant stardom.  Five Stars*****

Strikingly gifted songwriter who can do pure abstraction or between the eyes hooks

"Arthur Nasson effectively blurs the boundaries between pop practitioner and avant-garde innovator. Few other artists could so effectively express experimental ambition on such a grand scale."

Featured on "The Next Big Thing"

Interviewed on National Public Radio's "Here and Now" program

MTV Licenses 2 entire Arthur Nasson albums for various shows
Like an unhinged Dylan hammering a jazz piano, Nasson has a great ear for a tune and seems to be willing to try anything once in order to make one, resulting in a fine burst of aural entertainment.
"Perfect Pop,Richly arranged Technicolor Songs,performed entirely by Nasson on Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,and Drums,with out machines.It's no more artistic or less accesible than the Multi-Million Selling Records The Beatles made in Their Prime"
Genre-bounding, funny, and endlessly inventive. Arthur Nasson is beautifully all over the map.

Feature in Flash Wounds Magazine.

"There is a good chance that in fifty lifetimes,one will not find a disc as prescient,

eccentric, and rewarding as Arthur Nasson's "Echo Garden"

"Let The Music surround and Transport you"

"an excellent communicator can make you feel the same way they felt when

they created what you are hearing,"

Listen to what this man is telling you"

Re; "Echo Garden"

His "garden" is a riot of hothouse specimens,rare and Lovely


Featured in Best New Bands!

All Music Guide's Bio and reviews.

see link below

"Wonderful,Tremendous artistic effort,Listening to Arthur Nasson's Voice is a Joy"
A lot of the hallmarks of the style, I believe is going to take over the world again

"Nasson is a Master at Mixing contemporary and retro styles,posessing a voice that is well suited to his craft"

"Pick Show Of the Day,Lush Beatlesque"
"A Prodigious and Sometimes Daunting Talent"
"An Album That Defies The Industry Norm,Nasson's Effort is A Musical Gem"